Designer Face Mask with Custom Embroidery, Non-medical


A non-medical face mask that can be customised with the wearer's name.

The mask is crafted by hand with love and that special touch to keep us all a little safer at these turbulent times. It features many of the elements that Lilli Jahilo loves using in her dress designs - pleats, piping and the delicate elastic used in cocktail dresses. Black is her favourite colour that looks elegant on just about everyone.

"A face mask is like a dress for the face - let it bring out your personality!" says Lilli.

Styling tip: Wear it when shopping for groceries and match it with your favourite outfit. You can wear it in two ways - with your name on the outside and LJ logo inside or vice versa. 

- Three pleated folds for comfortable fit
- Double-layer
- Elasticated fastening
- Embroidery and sewn on LJ logo on either side

- 65%polyester/ 35% cotton 

- Fits all grownups
- Unisex

- 7-14 days
- Shipping fee included in the price

The coronavirus is sensitive to heat.
For disinfection:
- Soak in hot or freshly boiled water. Iron.
- Machine wash at 60C. Iron.
- Heat in oven at 60C for 30 mins. 
NB! When ironing, try to avoid ironing the elastic and make sure to use warm iron (max temp 150°C or 300°F) when ironing LJ label.

Repeat this every time after wearing. Change the mask as soon as it gets moist or after 2-3 hours max.

Please note: This is a non-medical face mask, it's not proven to protect you from the coronavirus and it doesn't carry the FFP standard.

Disinfect the mask before wearing. 

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